Do you have a blog?  Do you enjoy blogging?  Do you like taking artistic photos?

Become an official Felicity Shoes Blogger!

I am very grateful for all of you! Blogging is one of my least favorite activities...I'd much rather build and create.


To become an official Felicity Shoes blogger:

*  Blog and avatar must be at least 6 months old.
*  Must know how to use Felicity Shoe HUDs or know how to use RBG colors to tint skin.
*  Must have professional photos.

What you get:
*  ALL new shoes as they are released...about once per month.
*  A link to your main blog listed in the "Official Bloggers" list.  A return link would be greatly appreciated!  If you have more than one blog, I'll be happy to it to the "Official Bloggers" list as long as the Felicity post is/will be listed on that one also.

*  I don't expect for you to blog every color, and you can definitely use them in other blog posts with other items.
*  RL happens and will always come before SL.  If a new release isn't blogged right away, just add it in with another item.


How to apply in Second Life:
Create a notecard with the following information (copy/paste):

Avatar Name:
Display Name:
Additional Information:

Send the notecard to Felicity Overlord.  If you are accepted, I will send you an invitation to Felicity Shoes-Official Bloggers!


Felicity Main Blog:

Felicity Main Store:

Thanks to all my current bloggers!
Felicity Overlord