Monday, June 15, 2009

New Stilettos - Celeste

New! Celeste Stilettos are available in the stores. These can be worn with or without the ankles straps. Version 1 has the ankle straps attached, so other leg attachments can be worn. (Perfect for prim leg attachments for capris.) Version 2 can be worn with the ankle straps or without as a slingback stiletto.

All have a drop down menu with sexy walk replacer, walking sounds, and a toe ring (from Beloved Jewelry) that can be shown or hidden. Silver trimmed straps. Silver clasps on the outside of the shoe to hold the straps in place.

The colors include: Black, Garnet, Gold, and Silver. The fat pack includes all colors. Shoes may be bought in the pack for at a discount or separately. The pack with all four colors is on sale for 775L until Saturday the 20th at 8pm SL.