Thursday, July 16, 2009

Discount Boots

My older boots designs at Felicity are now over 45% off. These include the Chunky Boots, Stiletto Boots, and Suede Boots. All on sale now for 150L each. The Stiletto Boots and Suede Boots are also available in packs for 525L. All twelve (12) boots are included.

They are the first three boots that I created...which weren't bad for my first three designs, but I feel that my building and designing abilities are much better now.

The first boots I created were the Chunky Boots. They are available in Black, Dark Red, and Creamy White (requested by a customer). They have bling jewels that can be turned off by touch/left click. All three can bling or only one if you prefer less sparkle.

The Stiletto Boots are available in four colors: Traditional Black, Red Stars, Silver Metallic, and Distortion Bronze. The reason why I made these was that I didn't feel that my avatar should have skinny stick legs. At the time, most of the boots in Second Life were made for leg size 50 and smaller. Mine are at a muscular 70 :) The Stiletto Boots also have a smaller size for smaller avatars.

The Suede Boots are available in four colors: Black, Creamy White, Burgundy, and Chocolate. A set of matching necklaces is available in the pack.

All three boots are modify/copy/no transfer. They can be modified to fit your avatar. Don't forget to save a copy before adjusting!

These can be found at all Felicity store locations in Second Life:
Main Store:
Felicity at Emerald Bay

Other Locations:
Felicity at Gomphus
Felicity at Blanc