Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Stilettos - Valerie

Finally...the new Valerie Stilettos are finished :) Intro priced at 100-400L off until Friday the 12th.
Lots of changes with this pair. New textures, updated prim foot, new sole.

* Single resizer script option.
* Available in 6 colors.
* Trim Texture Change: Gold or Silver.
* French tipped pedicure. (Updated texture.)
* 2 Heel Options: Thin or Thick.
* Worn as lower leg attachments.
* Alpha layer included to replace invisi prims for SL Viewer 2 or equivalent.

Two HUDs are included:
* Match your skin color easily to ANY color. No presets.
* Match your pedicure to ANY color. (Tips may be lighter for some colors.)

Touch the ankle strap for the menu that controls walk on/off, walking sounds on/off, and toe ring (from Beloved Jewelry) show/hide.

Regular leg attachment version fits avatars with body thickness of 18 and lower. Resizer version will make the shoes larger to fit but not smaller.

Felicity Main Store:
Felicity at Emerald Bay

Other Locations:
Felicity at Gomphus
Felicity at Blanc
My small store with a limited selection (New Valerie Stilettos will be here in a few days):
Felicity at Taeniatum