Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Harlow Stilettos at Felicity

NEW *Felicity* Harlow Stilettos!
New shoes with an ultra high heel and color change shoe sole.
Twelve shoe sole colors to select from the menu.

One pair is reduced to 125L AT EACH LOCATION until Thursday evening, June 28th.
Each location has a different color on sale.  There is a notecard with a list of the shoes on sale and a landmark that can be picked up at the main store.

Special intro prices until Friday, June 29th:

255L for single colors (100L off)
995L for the pack of 6 shoes (200L off)

Become a Felicity Updates group members. Join for a one time fee of 30L:
The Felicity main store has the group discounts:
Felicity (Shoes Section) at Emerald Bay
595L for the pack of 6 shoes (600L off) for Felicity Updates group members.

* 12 sole color choices in each pair of shoes.
* Skin and Nail HUDs.
* Tall height platform.
* Single resizer script option.
* Trim Texture Change: Gold or Silver.
* French tipped pedicure.
* Worn as lower leg attachments.
* Alpha layer only.
Touch either shoe for the menu that controls walk on/off, walking sounds on/off, and toe ring show/hide.

Updated alpha layer to hide feet that can only be used on *Felicity* Harlow Stilettos.

Felicity Main Store: Felicity at Emerald Bay

Other Felicity Locations:
My small store with a limited selection: Felicity (Shoes) at Taeniatum

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Felicity Main Store:
Felicity (Shoes and Stilettos) at Emerald Bay
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Other Felicity Locations:

Felicity (Shoes) at Taeniatum (My small store with a limited amount of shoes and stilettos, but the newest footwear can be found here as well as the other locations.)
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