Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yvonne Stilettos Group Gift by Felicity - New Free High Heels in Pale Yellow

NEW *Felicity* Yvonne Stilettos Group Gift!
Shoes in Pale Yellow.
24 Shoe Sole Colors.  24 Heel Colors.
5 Metal Trim Choice.

Felicity Main Store: Felicity at Emerald Bay

This makes 24 total free shoes at the main store!
There is a 50L enrollment fee to join Felicity Updates.

Other Felicity Locations:
My small store with a limited selection: Felicity (Shoes) at Taeniatum
Felicity (Shoes) at Huineng

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Felicity Main Store:
Felicity (Shoes and Stilettos) at Emerald Bay
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Other Felicity Locations:

Felicity (Shoes) at Taeniatum (My small store with a limited amount of shoes and stilettos, but the newest footwear can be found here as well as the other locations.)
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