Friday, February 27, 2015

NEW Eden Wedges by Felicity (Intro Sales)

NEW *Felicity* Eden Wedge Sandals Sale!

16 Textures/Colors Available!

10L SALE on Brown and Olivia Wedges.  155L for other single colors.
Look below for sales dates.  Prices will slowly increase to regular price!

Packs of 8 Stilettos and the Mega Pack of 16 Stilettos are also on promo sale!

 Promo Sales Schedule:
10L for *Felicity* Eden Wedges in Brown and Olive.
155L for single colors (220L off) - Ends Sunday, March 1st.
255L for single colors (120L off) - March 1st to 5th in the afternoon.
Promo Sales for Packs Ends Thursday, March 5th.
995L for either pack of 8 shoes (300L off)
1495L for the pack of 16 shoes (500L off)
695L for the either pack of 8 shoes (600L off) for Felicity Updates group members.
995L for the mega pack of 16 shoes (1000L off) for Felicity Updates group members.

Become a Felicity Updates group members. Join for a one time fee of 50L:
The Felicity main store has the group discounts:

* Partial Mesh
* 24 Upper Wedge Colors
* 24 Lower Wedge Colors
* 24 Footbed Colors
* 8 Metal Trims

* 12 Preset Toenail Polishes (Tintable with nail HUD)
* 5 Preset Skin Tones (Tintable with skin HUD)
* Worn as lower leg attachments.
* Alpha layer only.
Touch either shoe for the menu that controls walk on/off, walking sounds on/off, and toe ring show/hide.

Felicity Main Store: Felicity at Emerald Bay

Other Felicity Locations:
My small store with a limited selection: Felicity (Shoes) at Taeniatum
Felicity (Shoes) at Huineng

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Felicity Main Store:
Felicity (Shoes and Stilettos) at Emerald Bay
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Other Felicity Locations:

Felicity (Shoes) at Taeniatum (My small store with a limited amount of shoes and stilettos, but the newest footwear can be found here as well as the other locations.)
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