Monday, April 20, 2009

Update About FDC

My shoes challenges have been completed and turned in. The deadline for completion was last Saturday the 18th. I've sent copies of the final shoes to our photographer (Tillie Ariantho) and to the fashion agency (Timeless) who will be organizing the fashion shows. Photos coming soon!

Who are my team members? (In order of team numbers.)
* Sevenstar Amat - I saw her outfit this morning, and it's wow!
* Indyra Seigo - Her outfit is beautiful!
I can't say much more about's a secret.

Fashion Shows for Fashion Designers Challenge at Patch Thibaus Auditorium:
* May 5th at 12 Noon SL
* May 16th at 6pm SL

For those wanting new shoes before the release date, I will have new shoes this weekend. A group gift too next week :)