Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stilettos - Dream

Dream Stilettos from the Fashion Designers Challenge are available in the stores. The special gold edition is only available at select locations. All have a drop down menu with sexy walk replacer and walking sounds. Flexi bow at the back of the heel. Chain linked on top to hold the straps in place.

The colors include: Black, Coffee, Copper, Platinum, and Spice. The fat pack includes: Black, Coffee, Copper, and Platinum. Shoes may be bought in the pack for at a discount or separately. The Spice shoes are a special gold edition that were made to match the Spiced Diamond Mocha dress by Indyra Seigo. These are not available in the fat pack.

Stop by the stores for information about the Flickr Contest to win all the Fashion Designer Challenge outfits! Also, there's a notecard with landmarks to all the designers' stores.