Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FDC - Eye Candy

Today was the official start of the public releases of all the designs from thirty-five designers. The first fashion show was today, and the Timeless models did an exceptional job! So many thanks to them!

This entire challenge was...well, challenging. Imagine thirty-five designers with thirty-five ideas that have been consolidated into twenty-four outfits! Everything was randomly chosen, from the initial idea to the blogging. Yes, it is quite amazing.

One of my random blog victims was Candy Cerveau of Eye Candy. The Eternal Winter Set has both a beautiful necklace and a matching bracelet. The photos do not do it justice. Both have beautifully crafted sculpted diamonds and icy-blue stones set in silver. These are both highly detailed pieces, and a definite must have...even picky prim me will be wearing these!

The Eternal Winter necklace and bracelet are both sold separately at the Fashion Designers Challenge stores until May 17th. All the other outfits and accessories can be found there also :)

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