Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Stilettos - Odetta

New Odetta Stilettos (Ruffled High Heel) with FeliciFeet (sculpted prim feet) and FeliciToes (sculpted prim toes and toenails) at Felicity!

* Single resizer script for the leg attachment version.
* Available in four colors: black, gold, garnet red, and platinum.
* Also a color change version. Change straps and/or ruffles to any color. (Color Change shoes includes pack of four colors.)
* Two leopard prints: brown or gray/black.
* Also sold in the leopard pack of two stilettos.
* French tipped pedicure.
* Can be worn with pants and other attachments, or wear as leg attachments.

Two HUDs are included. (There are four total HUDs for the color change version.):
* Match your skin color easily to ANY color. No presets.
* Match your pedicure to ANY color. (Tips may be lighter for some colors.)
* For the color change version, match your shoes to ANY outfit!

Touch the right shoe (or ankle strap in the leg attachment version) for the menu that controls walk on/off, walking sounds on/off, and toe ring (from Beloved Jewelry) from a thick single band to two thin silver bands.

Regular leg attachment version fits avatars with body thickness of 18 and lower. Resizer version will make the shoes larger to fit but not smaller.

Until July 6th at 7pm SL, the pack of stilettos with all four colors is 345L off. Single colors are 75L off. The color change version (includes the pack of four colors) is 335L off. Leopard pack is 50L off.

Group gift for Felicity Updates members is at the main store until July 6th. There is a 10L enrollment fee while the gift is available.

Main Store:
Felicity at Emerald Bay

Other Locations:
Felicity at Gomphus
Felicity at Blanc
Felicity at Taeniatum