Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Store in Blanc

New store opened in Blanc:

This is a "footwear" only location with stilettos, shoes, and boots. All the other locations are still open :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Stilettos - Amity

New shoes in four colors: Black, Silver, Gold, & Garnet. These have optional walk, walk sounds...AND a toe ring!!! (Thanks to Beloved Jewelry next door to the shoe section.) You can show or hide the toe ring from the menu.

25% off until tomorrow night...L$185 for individual pairs or L$670 for the pack of four! Available at all locations.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Update About FDC

My shoes challenges have been completed and turned in. The deadline for completion was last Saturday the 18th. I've sent copies of the final shoes to our photographer (Tillie Ariantho) and to the fashion agency (Timeless) who will be organizing the fashion shows. Photos coming soon!

Who are my team members? (In order of team numbers.)
* Sevenstar Amat - I saw her outfit this morning, and it's wow!
* Indyra Seigo - Her outfit is beautiful!
I can't say much more about's a secret.

Fashion Shows for Fashion Designers Challenge at Patch Thibaus Auditorium:
* May 5th at 12 Noon SL
* May 16th at 6pm SL

For those wanting new shoes before the release date, I will have new shoes this weekend. A group gift too next week :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fashion Designers Challenge

Yes....It's coming up next month. So, lots of behind the scenes type work is happening now.

Two big fashion shows with twenty-four outfits next month:
* May 4th or 5th
* May 16th or 17th

Fun Fashion Designers Challenge poster here. I'm the little head on the right :)

To see a list of all the designers go to:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Welcome to My Blog :)

We'll see if anyone actually reads this, other than me :) And why did I finally decide to get a blog? Well, it seems like everyone else has one, and people kept asking if I had one.

So, if you're in a 3D world/game called Second Life, come by my store called Felicity in Emerald Bay. There are other locations too. If you're in the update group, you'll know about new releases. But I suppose this is another way to keep updated and to find out what will be coming up next.

I might be quiet in my update group without new releases lately because I've been working on a project called Fashion Designers Challenge. There will be two new shoes released for this...and two fashion shows with all of the outfits. (Twenty-four total outfits.) The new shoes will be available with the other outfits at a location to be determined later. This will be in May. Keep your eyes open for that because it will very interesting to see how things will turn out.

So a quick summary:
* A new pair of shoes out this month.
* A new pose bed with matching furniture will be out this month or next.
* Two new shoes out for Fashion Designers Challenge in May.
* All color variations of the Fashion Designers Challenge shoes out at the end of May.
* Discount shoe and boots section by June.

Thank you for reading :)