Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Gift

There haven't been new shoes this month...why? Some big changes are coming in the next pair of stilettos. New sole, new feet, new heels, new toenail textures. Hopefully, they'll be released in the next week. A special pair will be made for the Steals & Deals weekend sales and sold for over 50% off.

Here's me working! As with all my shoes, it does take a little longer since I hand prim each pair. No pre-made kits. I'm sure that would save me a lot of time, but who wants the same shoe from everyone? I'd be angry if I paid too much and then found the same shoe as a freebie at another store.

For now, there's a Halloween group gift in notices. Spooky spider grass, gazebo, some sort of flame light, and two sits to get comfy or scared.

A new group gift will be available when the new shoes are released. Group enrollment will go up to 25L.

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